The Survey and Installation Process

  1. When you contact ECAR INFRA, we will arrange a free home or business survey at a time that suits you.
  2. In reviewing your property, fuse box location and electrical installation, our on-site technician will walk you through your EV Charging Solution options, including power output possibilities, location options, connected / unconnected capabilities and how soon we can install your new Charger.
  3. Once you are satisfied with our proposed EV Charging Solution, upon the settlement of a 15% booking deposit (note deposit is based on the total cost of the installation - before any applicable SEAI Grant proceeds) we will book you in for your installation! 
  4. Where applicable, our team will assist you with the SEAI Grant request process on site. 
  5. Note that for At Home installations, the deposit is returnable should SEAI Grant approval not be provided and appropriate documentary evidence submitted - however many of our customers proceed regardless of this. 
  6. Pending a SEAI Grant Letter of Offer and on the basis that SEAI approval must be granted prior to installation to ensure that expenditure is qualifying for the Grant, your installation date will be provisional and can be extended where necessary. We typically allow 2 weeks for the Letter to be provided following the free survey.  
  7. On the agreed installation date, our technician will install and fully test your new EV Charging Solution ensuring that everything is working to get your EV on the road.
  8. For At Home customers and where applicable, our technician will complete the SEAI Payment Request Form with you on site, to allow for you to request recovery of the €300 SEAI Grant. 
  9. Our technician will provide you with a copy of the Test Record Sheet 
  10. Our technician will provide you with a copy of the Certificate Number 3, which must be provided to the SEAI as part of the EV Charger Grant process. 

That's it - with your new ECAR INFRA Charger you will never need to worry about being left uncharged again!