Founded in Dublin in 2019 by a team with >25 years in business and electrical installation, ECAR INFRA was created to contribute to the much needed development of Ireland's EV Charging Infrastructure.

Market Research suggests that a large number of consumers would now strongly consider an EV when purchasing their next car, with barriers to the switch being 1) cost of the EV; 2) battery range and 3) access to charging technology. 

At ECAR INFRA, our aim is to address the latter.

We believe consumers and businesses alike should have access to a range of EV Charging Solutions, with varying capabilities and at different price points.

That's why we have created Ireland's first EV Charging Solution store and installer!

In benefiting from partnerships with the most innovative manufacturers across the industry, expert and bespoke installation services and a constant focus on customer experience, our objective is for ECAR INFRA to become the leader and most recognizable brand across the Irish EV Charging Solution sector. 

Access to charge technology is no longer a barrier to purchasing an EV.

For At Home, At Work and On the Go EV Charging Solutions, contact ECAR INFRA today.